Nuvation Bio is focused on treating patients with the most difficult-to-treat cancers, for which conventional therapies have failed.


Nuvation Bio understands that there are some cases when a patient is unable to participate in a clinical trial and other treatment options have been exhausted. In those cases, the patient’s physician may choose to request access to an investigational drug outside of a clinical trial through an Expanded Access pathway.  Expanded access refers to a pathway in which patients with serious or immediately life-threatening diseases may gain access to an investigational drug outside the context of participation in clinical trials designed to evaluate safety and efficacy.

At this time, Nuvation Bio products are considered investigational, which means that they have not been approved as safe and effective by regulatory health authorities, such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Currently, participation in clinical trials is the only way for patients to gain access to Nuvation Bio’s investigational drugs. As more clinical data on the safety and efficacy of these investigational drugs become available, Nuvation Bio will review and update its policy on Expanded Access.  For information on Nuvation Bio’s clinical trials, please email


Before a new treatment can be made available to the public, clinical trials must be conducted to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an investigational drug.

Nuvation Bio is conducting clinical trials in multiple oncology indications. Learn more about these ongoing studies by visiting


Phase 1/2 Study of NUV-868 as a monotherapy and in combination with olaparib or enzalutamide in multiple tumor types (NUV-868-01)

We are currently treating patients with advanced solid tumors in a Phase 1 monotherapy, dose escalation study. We are also treating patients in a Phase 1b dose escalation study of NUV-868 in combination with olaparib for patients with ovarian, pancreatic, metastatic castration-resistant prostate (mCRPC), triple negative breast cancers and other solid tumors, and of NUV-868 in combination with enzalutamide for patients with mCRPC. The Phase 1b study will be followed by a Phase 2 study to further explore safety and efficacy once the recommended Phase 2 combination dose is determined. Learn more about this clinical trial here. Identifier: NCT05252390